Do not read this blog post!

Not this post. This post.

When I was an undergrad I came across the saying that learning a little philosophy leads you away from God, but learning a lot of philosophy leads you back. As a young man who had learned a little philosophy, I scoffed. But in later years and at least in my own case, I would come to see that it’s true.

I know, it’s tempting. Finally, You’ll be saying to yourself, finally an intelligent person with an understanding of logic and reason is going to present an actual argument for god’s existence! Don’t bother. Purporting to be the story of how the author went from being an atheist to rejoining the Catholic church, it’s actually just a long-winded, obtuse, particularly serious case of verbal diarrhea, consisting of equal parts name-dropping of philosophers and smug dismissal of “new atheists.” Containing a staggering 6,918 words (that’s 11 pages in size 12 font), it contains not one single argument. It’s mostly just a list of philosophers and theologists, and the author’s naked judgment of the soundness of each. What a disappointing load of crap.

(h/t: Andrew Sullivan)

One response to “Do not read this blog post!

  1. honestdiscussioner

    Welcome to modern apologetics. Shaun did an post about the Higgs-Boson that showed just how bad the discipline has become, and I followed him with a blog post of my own echoing the sentiment.

    It is rather strange that so many people believe something that they can’t articulate the reason for the belief. Most of the time you are lucky to get a reason why they WANT to believe it.

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