About the Logo


The Living Within Reason logo and blog header were designed by Alex Gabriel of Godlessness in Theory. Alex is an incredibly talented designer whose work designing blog headers for Heinous Dealings and A Veil and a Dark Place convinced me that he was the right designer for the blog.

Alex and I wanted to come up with something that would both symbolize polyamory/relationship anarchy and skepticism. Alex discusses the design concept on his blog:

It made sense to me that, eros coming in many different shades and tones, there should be lots of different-coloured hearts in what I did for Wes. His perspective being a rationalist’s and my experience of polyamory being that relationships could complement each other, it occurred to me to tessellate them. (It’s not immediately obvious in the end product how many colours there are, or when one ends and another starts… but love’s like that, at least for folk like me and Living Within Reason‘s authors.)

The Rational Heart, as we’re calling it, is published under a creative commons attribution-sharealike license, under which it is free to use for any purpose, so long as attribution is given to Alex, the creator, and so long as any remix or adaptation is published under the same license. If you’d like to use it, the text-free version can be found at Wikimedia Commons.

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